Shanghai Cleanpower, a hi-tech enterprise located in Shanghai China, serves shipbuilding and maritime industries and is committed to provide its customers with continuous emission monitoring system, industry-leading simulation and information management solutions to help our customers improve product development, reduce product development cycles and reduce product development cost, making it a leader in the fierce product competition.

PureForce007 is designed to monitor and report traces of SO2,CO2 and other gas substances that are contributing to local and global emission challenges.

PureForce007 is the right choice for ship owners to help them ensure that the forth coming IMO regulations for emission control areas can be met.

As a member of Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Association, we provide our global support and technical services from China and other locations worldwide to meet IMO legislation to introduce a 0.5 % sulphur cap for all shipping vessels from 2020 with the aim of protecting human health and the marine environment from noxious sulphur dioxide emissions.

PureForce installed and ordered